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Our Mission

Welcome to Fyte.

The premier online fitness destination for people who want to build a healthier, happier life through health and fitness.

Having this app is your ticket to a lifestyle of health, fitness, and wellness with Fyte - where every workout, every meal, and every moment is a step towards a stronger, happier, healthier you.

We have developed a unique method that emphasises positive body image, and self-love while still working out like a boss, with a holistic approach that sets us apart from any other gym or fitness program out there.

Our mission is to stand out in an industry that is often promoting unhealthy habits and relationships with food and exercise, and flipping that script to a more positive and enjoyable lifestyle that guarantees long term epic results, and promotes longevity.

Our expert team, with over 18 years of experience have worked closely with athletes from around the world, and have dedicated their life's work to creating the ultimate training and nutrition program that improves both physical and mental health and well-being - the end result, Fyte.



At Fyte, we are passionate about empowering individuals to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here is our story.


Our founder, Tamara Kennedy, brings over 18 years of experience, from managing gyms, to travelling the world with world number 1 athletes, she has worked closely with athletes all around the globe, including the Australian Football League (AFL), National Rugby League (NRL) and World Surf Tour (WSL).


Nothing was impossible when it came to changing lives and making a positive impact on the world. But with the pandemic lockdowns in 2020 & 2021 Tamara's personal training business, was severely impacted, and like many small businesses it took its toll - and she needed to pivot, in this time she also had her daughter, Luna. ​

In 2022, Tamara, was struggling to feel like herself again. Determined to regain her strength, fitness, health and confidence postpartum, she created a 6 week program for herself, to help her find her purpose again and shared it on social media to see if anyone might be interested in joining her. The response was amazing, and just like that the first 6 week challenge was born, and 6WC by Tamara Kennedy came to life.


The community connection and results were mind blowing, not to mention it was the best Tamara had ever felt. The community buzzed with excitement as Tamara's 6 week challenge focusing on improving your gut health, and making you feel amazing, swept through like a whirlwind, leaving jaws dropped and lives changed. 

The moral dilemma, Tamara faced though, was the word 'challenge', as in most cases it's associated with unsustainable ways of living, or fad diets, low calories, deprivation, starving yourself and bland boring food - the complete opposite of what our program is and everything Tamara is against.


Sure, our program never promoted fad diets or quick fixes, but we realized the word 'challenge' didn't quite capture our mission. So, we've given ourselves a makeover, and alongside an expert team led by Tamara, and we're proud to introduce Fyte - a name that reflects our values and our no compromise stance in an industry that often overlooks long-term health and happiness.


With our app, you'll have the golden ticket to a lifestyle that promotes year-round well-being. ​Say goodbye to boring salads and restrictive diets that make you feel like a sad puppy, and hello to your favourites, all while feeling like a million bucks!


With Fyte, we're flipping the script to make healthy living a fun adventure, and change the way you view healthy eating.​



Fyte is more than just a health and fitness app, it is a program that empowers you to transform your life and fight for the life you want to create.

Our name comes from a belief that everything good in life is worth the FYTE, and that includes your physical and mental well-being.

But, how did we come up with the name, Fyte?

The name originated from our founder, Tamara, who strongly believes that:

‘Life is about chasing the moments that make you say - “F*ck Yeah, That's Epic!”.’

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