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Some of our epic transformations.

Over 17kg down and looking 20 years younger.

Fiona, 56  has showed so much commitment and dedication to herself and the life she wanted to create for herself, proving that age is no limitation.


She has gone above and beyond what she ever thought she was capable of - ice baths, group HIIT workouts, getting up early (rain, hail or shine), consistently getting her workouts done, and daily hill sprints (just for fun)… and now, taking her pictures, in her bathers!


Her mental and emotional transformation has been just as amazing. But for us, the biggest win of all is seeing her radiate happiness and confidence, and seeing how proud she is of herself.


Over 20kg down with a new lease on life.

For us the best bit though is that she has found her confidence and self love again. She is happy, thriving & loving every aspect of her life.


On top of everything Em tried her first ice bath, she can now run 5km (completely her first fun run), she’s playing with her kids without getting exhausted, she loves going to the gym for HIIT workouts, and is smashing life like an absolute boss.


“My Mental health is amazing. I have such a clear head, no fogginess, and all round feel better, inside and out. My confidence has fully come back - I used to be such a confident person, and then I got to this, and I haven’t felt confidence in years. I never thought I would get back in size 8 jeans, but here I am, button and zip up ones and all, fitting well. So many changes and I absolutely love it”


​8.6kg down in 6 weeks, 78 workouts in the 42 days (insane!)

and 162 workouts in 12 weeks back to back.

He’s improved his box jump, barely making 61cm, he can now clear 76cm with ease. He was struggling to get through 20 mins of HIIT, and now doing 40+ mins and having to drop his rest sets just to keep his heart rate up.

“Firstly I am wearing pants today that I haven’t fit into in almost 2 years. I am not only back to running but almost feeling like one of the young fellas at footy training. Broke my 1km Swimming PB again.


But most importantly I’m feeling super healthy and ready to be an active healthy dad in the future”.


​Over 12kg lost, and taken 20 years off his life.


On top of this he ran a massive 14km, smashed out 300 high altitude burpees, did 501 burpees in a session, trained like an absolute powerhouse day in day out, and can now do 15 unbroken chin ups! Edward 2.0 is an absolute weapon in the gym, and can pump out some seriously impressive workouts now!


"This program has reenergised my life. I now feel like I can give 110% to all the key areas of my life - family, work and health. I have mental clarity and rather than being reactive I am being proactive. I started to feel lighter within the first few days. Tamara’s positive and unwavering support, motivation and guidance during is amazing. I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done it without her.”


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